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5 10 2010

Yes, at long last, my post announcing our arrival in Edinburgh. About time.

We boarded a bus in London, thinking ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ We’d used Megabus a couple of times in the states and they were brilliant – free wifi on board, power outlets, comfy reclining seats. The only similarity here was the company name, and the price. That was IT.

Admittedly, my first encounter with a Scot in the UK was not a happy one. Our bus driver was one of the scariest people I’ve ever come across. In between yelling at everyone about everything, he also threatened to throw peoples bags off the bus, whilst keeping the bus air conditioning at sub zero temperatures for the entire journey. I digress.

Edinburgh Castle

Doo dooo do do doo do dooooooooo dooooo! (That's the Harry Potter theme)

Arriving in Edinburgh on Thursday morning, we made our way to the Caledonian Backpackers hostel, which was to be our home until we found a flat. We had a good couple of nights there, but found a nice little flat off Leith Walk (about a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre) before the weekend, and moved in on Sunday.

As most of you who’ve kept up to date with our travels now know, it took Mark a couple of weeks to find a job, and me about 2 months (mainly because I’m fussy and didn’t want to settle for just anything). Mark is of course working as a barista for a specialty coffee company, and I’m working in SEO for a digital media agency. Kind of makes me ashamed about the lack of SEO work I’ve done on my blog *blushes*.

Mark and I also split up quite a while ago, but very amicably I’m happy to say, and we’ve stayed good friends despite the breakup. Anyway, on and up!

So that’s pretty much the end of the big chunk of traveling we’ve done over the past few months, now it’ll mostly be just little trips I manage to fit in between working, and the occasional inane observation from yours truly.

Feel free to stop reading now. (Please don’t stop reading – I’m desperate for attention.)




One response

6 10 2010

Hey Cholie 🙂

Saving the 40LB box for you still … how about a game of Tennis instead 🙂

Sorry to hear you and Mark split up. Hope he still makes you great coffee.

Good to hear you are still kicking on and enjoying life. So far away from the waste of KPMG slaving.

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