Vegas…err, woohoo?

3 06 2010

The award for most hyped-up place ever goes to… Las Vegas.

I had high hopes for this portion of the journey, not least because we were booked into a hotel (after weeks of staying in hostels), so the idea of a little luxury in party central really appealed to me…then we arrived.

After 6 hours on a Greyhound bus, we felt absolutely gross and really just wanted a hot shower and some decent food. So, thinking we’d save some time, jumped in a cab – though too late we realised it was an unlicensed minicab and got severely ripped off. Anyway, live and learn – it won’t happen again. So we checked into our hotel (the Stratosphere Towers), and before we even had time to feel disappointed with the lack of amenities in our room (not so much as a kettle to boil a cup of friggin’ tea!), we were out the door to get some food.

Mark and I don’t mind the occasional flutter, so we knew we wouldn’t be bored with the casino happenings – even if they did hurt our budget. The plan for the week was to have a bit of fun, have many a drink and happy time, see the strip and maybe a couple of shows. This would have probably been achievable had we stayed for a maximum of 3 days. Granted, it wasn’t all Vegas’ fault – my darling grandmother passed away 2 days in, which upset me to no end and really halted my ability to have fun, as all I wanted to do was to be home with my family. It also didn’t help that my nan had sent me a letter to our hotel, which housekeeping saw fit to THROW AWAY (oddly, leaving us with a few other bits of rubbish they’d deemed ‘too important’ to chuck). Obviously, I was completely livid. I don’t think I’ve ever been that angry with anyone in my life – and it wasn’t as though I’d left it with a pile of rubbish, either. It was set neatly on a pile of our travel documents. Fuming! Of course they couldn’t retrieve it.


See? Sky ceiling!

Ahhh, pretty

The hotels on the strip look as though they’re close together. They’re not. The walk from our hotel to the next major hotel on that side of the strip took us 15 minutes. Walking at Mark’s speed (which, if you’ve ever walked with Mark before, you know is akin to a gallop). We made it down just past Caesar’s Palace before we decided to go to the Venetian. This was easily the highlight for me. The Venetian is A-MAZ-ING. It has a canal running through the centre of the hotel, with gondolas that you can ride while being serenaded by people far too musically talented to be working in Vegas. It has this area (with cafes and bars alongside the canal) that I dubbed the ‘daylight’ room, due to it having a ceiling backlit to look like daylight, and painted sky blue with white fluffy clouds. As I said, amazing. 


The Venetian is also home to Tao – an Asian bistro/nightclub that is IMPOSSIBLE to get into. There must have been a celebrity there the night we passed by, because the line was 4 people wide, and circled the entire mezzanine. There were people that must have KNOWN they wouldn’t get in, but had lined up in vain hope regardless. Dedication or stupidity? I can’t decide.

So yes, there were some good moments in our Vegas trip, but we learned a very valuable lesson. By all means go, but whatever you do: stay on the strip (this is paramount), and limit your stay to 3 days.

Get in, get shitfaced, get out.

Lesson learned.




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3 06 2010
Your secret admirer, Marian

Dear Chloe, I approve of your rant. Sincerely, little girl.

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