GMOOH! (Get Me Out Of…Hollywood)

18 05 2010

Who the hell is that? Who the hell is that? Ohhhh, there’s Frank Sinatra!

Yep, that’s what it’s like walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It sounds majestic and intriguing, but here’s the inside scoop: it’s just a bunch of stars on the (very dirty) sidewalk. Seriously folks, you heard it here first. Mark and I walked about 2 blocks on it before we even noticed where we were, and 80% of the names are people we’d never heard of (‘never heard of’ as in virtually unknown to most of the world, not as in we’re just ignorant 20-somethings).

Hollywood Boulevard = total piece of crap. Every 2-4 steps you’ll be asked for money – in some cases by someone who looks as though they have more than you. Most of them are polite though, as you say no and walk away many of them bless you and tell you to have a nice day. Until they stab you, that is.

Sunset Boulevard is actually much nicer, but by golly does it take a long time to walk anywhere. We took the Red Line subway, then walked to Intelligentsia (a cafe, for those of you non-coffeegeeks). It was here that Mark has his very own ‘celebrity’ sighting. It was hilarious to watch – he refused to go up and introduce himself, saying that he’d catch up with him later in the UK (defying all logic in the process, seeing as the guy was about 1ft away from us at the time. In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t hear us talking about him). Who was it? James Hoffman.

Yup, the silence is deafening, even from here. Well, the coffee people know who I’m talking about. He was a world barista champion a few years back, and sorta looks like Harry Potter. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but I’d trade that for an Alexander Skarsgård sighting any day of the week.




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