The “Angry Face”

2 05 2010

So there seems to be a phenomenon here that a lot of Americans are in on. I call it the ‘angry face’.

It seems that in the dodgier areas of town (there seems to be at least one or two areas in every city), an ‘angry face’ seems to be a prerequisite for getting from one place to another alive and without incident. I’m not sure of the theory behind this, but perhaps they feel that if they adopt a ‘you can try to mug me but I might, just maybe, be a serial killer’ visage, it greatly reduces the likelihood of having all your belongings stolen and/or being murdered by ‘Stabby Joe’ in the alley.

Inside, everyone’s all sunshine and rainbows.

Outside, you feel like an extra in Law and Order.

Not my angry face, obviously.

Seattle was where I first realised I had my own ‘angry face’. Except (and perhaps this is my small-city naivety) it probably didn’t look angry so much as it did terrified and slightly constipated.




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