If you’re going to Saaan Fraaaanciscoooo…

20 04 2010

I swear, if Mark had sung this to me once more, I probably would have had to ship him home. In several bags.

Aside from having that song stuck in my head for 4 days, I really liked San Francisco (or ‘Frisco’, as it’s known by everyone other than Mark and me). Who needs a stairmaster (or gym membership, for that matter), when you can practically kill yourself just walking 3 blocks? As a result, there were far fewer fat people here than in other areas of the states – that I noticed, anyway. In case you’re wondering, yes there are a lot of fat people in America. A LOT. It’s not entirely surprising though. There’s an ad going around for a burger at KFC that has 2 fried chicken breasts INSTEAD of a bun. Nice. Real nice.

In hindsight, we would have preferred a little more time in San Francisco. It was expensive, but not so expensive that it was a deterrant. Staying at the Green Tortoise was interesting though – we had a dorm mate whose entire day was spent sitting at his computer talking to himself (no, he wasn’t on Skype and he didn’t have a bluetooth headset – I checked). He would also wake up at 3am, go to the bathroom and smoke a joint, then come back to the room, turn on the fan and sit there with the quilt over his head like some sort of bizarre caveman. On his last morning, I woke up at 6am to find him on the floor rubbing baby oil onto his legs. This is a man in his 50’s, by the way. Did I mention that?

I suppose it takes all types, but that’s one type I’d happily eradicate. Still, it’s all part of the experience.




2 responses

13 05 2010

Hahaha, do you know what I thought of in the context of your KFC story? I think it was about year 9, sleepover (ha! how funny does that sound?!) at your dad’s, McDonald’s drive through, Nikki asks for a chicken burger with just the patty… and gets just the patty, without a bun! Hahahahaha. Good times.

23 05 2010

It’s so strange that you mention that – I only told that story a couple of days before you posted this! Crazy stuff. And yes, they were fuckwits. Haha.

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