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6 04 2010

Do you really need to ask?

Yes, we went to Forks. What’s even more surprising is that Mark went willingly (if you can describe ‘willingly’ as a general murmur of assent, followed by lots of eye rolling). I thought I misheard Mark when he first agreed to go, but then I realised he did it so he could use it against me for the rest of our trip in the manner outlined below:

Mark: Let’s go to <insert cafe name> today!

Welcome to Forks, bitches!

Where I belong...

Chloe: Whine whine groan, something something too much coffee.

Mark: Forks, Chloe. Forks.

Chloe: Yes alright then.

Or something to that effect.

We actually seem to be striking quite a nice balance between the things Mark wants to do and the things I want to do while we’re here. Sometimes, these things even coincide!

But yes, back to Forks. We hired a car for the trip to the Olympic Peninsula; me quietly crapping myself about having to drive through Seattle traffic on the wrong side of the road, in the rain, with billions of one-way streets running through the city.

My fears went unfounded – it was fine! Better than fine; I actually enjoyed myself. I really relied on Mark to navigate me though, especially because we didn’t have a GPS (or even a real map, come to think of it – whose idea was that?!).

Home of the Spartans!

That's right, I'm lucky

So we drove up to the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, and took that across to the peninsula for our drive up to Port Angeles (eep!). We decided to get to Forks first so we could get my stupid excitement back down to human levels. Probably took about 3-3 1/2 hours all up, once we got off the ferry. Pretty uneventful drive until we got on the other side of Port Angeles, at which point we were hit with some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. Massive tall trees, incredibly dense forest just about everywhere, mist hovering over Hurricane Ridge, and yes, rain. Lots of it. There were also a lot more cars on the road than I was expecting, given the relatively low populations of the surrounding towns.

Forks itself isn’t much – just a couple of main streets, and a lot of tiny lanes around the place. It’s primarily a logging town – or it was, at least, until the Twilight hysteria began. Everywhere you look, Twilight is present. All the hotels and various other businesses advertise their connections to the franchise, their ‘exclusive’ merchandise, tours and the like. On the outskirts of town, the visitor’s centre hands out Twilight-specific maps and self-guided tour notes, so tourists can visit all the filming locations (and related attractions).

We saw at least 3 other cars full of people doing the self-guided tour in the 10 minutes we spent in the visitor’s centre. We went around and saw Forks High School (home of the Spartans :D), Forks Community Hospital (complete with Dr Cullen’s reserved parking space), the Swan residence (actually used in the film for Bella’s bedroom). I wasn’t sure if Hoke House (the actual Cullen house) was on the peninsula or in Portland, but I would have liked to see that. Unfortunately, it’s a private residence so even if it was there, I wouldn’t have been able to visit. Boo! But everything else was great.

Windy? No!

We also went to La Push, on the Quillayeute land. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Forks, and if I thought it was raining in Forks, it had NOTHING on La Push. When we arrived at First Beach (which is where they filmed the Bella/Jacob ‘scary story’ scene about the cold ones), it was ridiculously windy with rain that hurt. The beach itself was gorgeous though. Those of you that know me know I’m not a typical beachy person (I don’t go to beaches to swim, it’s not my thing), so a really rough swell is my kind of scene.

The drive from Port Angeles to Forks was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever done. It was absolutely stunning going through the national park, and actually felt a lot like one big scene out of the book. You could definitely see why Twilight was set there.

Anyway, that’s my absolute must-see ticked off my list for this trip. Hurrah!




One response

7 04 2010
Team McSlade

That all sounds great. I wish our first drive into Seattle was as uneventful. We drove in on Thanksgiving (even bigger than Christmas day in Australia) and blew a tyre off the rim at 120km/h on the I-%. I had to cross three lanes of traffic with sparks flying to stop and change.
We pulled up at an on ramp, with 3 lanes one side and 2 coming on on the other. Dark, cold and stupid the cops actually came along as we were nearly finished ;ights flashing to stop others ploughing into us. Jo and I decked out in the kids pink elephant and yellow lizard towels to be ‘visible’.
How did the haunted house go? and you can never have too much coffee.
Love Ryan, Jo and the small people

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