Quit Needling Me…

1 04 2010

Left me a bit cold...inside, that is. Not literally.Ahhh, Seattle. Land of…uh, well…uh. Yep. There’s a Space Needle. And some markets. And a really frustratingly complicated bus system, that I suspect is actually really good if you can be bothered to actually learn how to use it.

I’m not sure why I didn’t really enjoy Seattle, but it left me a bit cold. And not just because it absolutely pissed down on the days we had to travel anywhere, forcing us to buy $1 umbrellas from the strangest Asian store I’ve ever come across – in the most random location. Perhaps it had something to do with the hot dogs on the wall of our hostel room (painted hot dogs, that is, not actual. That would have been gross). Or the post-apocalyptic nightmarish underwater alien painting in our other hostel room (seriously, how do they expect people to be able to sleep when there’s an aquatic alien fly with spikes, massive purple eyes and hideously sharp teeth staring you in the face all night?).  Perhaps the rooms they placed us in were more on the ‘avant garde’ side of local art.

Hotdogs (the food, not the idiot from Big Brother)

Either way, I’m equating our stay there with the holiday equivalent of a tulle dress. Sounds pretty, sounds interesting, but in actual fact is really uncomfortable and makes you fearful of chairs (no, Seattle didn’t make me fearful of chairs).

Mark really liked it.




One response

2 04 2010

Loved the PS to the enitre detailed blog “Mark really liked it” – classic. Hope you’re both doing well.

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