Forgive me Father…

23 03 2010

Okay, so I have a little confession.

I love airline food. I mean really love it. I love how it comes in those little compartments, how they give you a little bit of everything, and even (yes, I’m really going out on a limb here) how it tastes. Somehow, in a plane, food is so much more exciting. Perhaps because I don’t have to prepare it myself, and yet it comes in so many delightful packages. Granted, airline food is a lot better than it used to be – and you can usually tell what it’s meant to be as well, which certainly helps. Aaaaanyway.

Went out for too much coffee today. For those of you that know me well, you know I’ve been slightly dreading Mark dragging me to every cafe on the planet during this trip. We went for a little walk across the Granville bridge to the bustling metropolis that is 49th Parallel. Eh. It’s certainly no Coffee Barun, nor Bar 9 for that matter. You can tell these people don’t *really* know good coffee (and even I’m no expert). On the plus side, the walk provided us with an opportunity to see a bit more of the city, and I even got to do some shopping a bit later.

Managed to convince Mark that cycling around Stanley Park would be a good move for tomorrow. Hurrah! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain. I’m convinced he’ll hold me personally responsible if it does.




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25 03 2010
Team McSlade

Just remember you are in the country of Tim Hortons where they proudly profess that their coffee is ‘brewed fresh every 20 minutes’ WHAT are you kidding that’s a selling point?! Ryan says that if it ain’t been brewed in the last 10 seconds I don’t want it!!! And yet we still own a giant, super jumbo coffee thermos in the shape of a Timmy Ho’s mug that holds 10 cups of warm, dark disappointment – ahhh what you resort to when you travel!

26 03 2010

Ohhh I’ve been seeing that all over the place! Btw, 10 cups of warm, dark disappointment sounds like a euphemism (not for coffee). xx

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