Farewell frisson

14 03 2010

Unemployment has arrived. It’s kinda nice, actually. Scary, but nice. *shiver*

There’s so much happening at the moment, I’m struggling to find time to fit it all in. The farewells are probably the hardest part – not helped by everyone being so lovely to us. It might be easier to say goodbye if people were assholes, that way we could just flip everyone the bird before hopping on the plane. Anyway…

Whenever I look at the crap in our room, there’s a small part of my brain that thinks ‘eh, no need to worry, you’ve got ages before all this stuff needs to go away.’

Er, no you don’t, Chloe. You have 2 days. 2!! During which time you also need to find time to say more goodbyes (these are the hardest ones), pack (properly), and race around doing all those last minute things that need doing.

It’s not all bad though. I just remembered I hid some mini Cadbury Creme Eggs in the freezer. Win!




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