New trip, new blog. Yes? Yes.

17 02 2010

So I thought it would be best, seeing as I haven’t updated my old blog in a ridiculously long time, that I begin a new blog for our new adventure overseas. Clean slate and all that.

It’s exactly 1 month until we leave Adelaide, and 1 month, 4 days until we leave Australia for lord only knows how long, and we’re certainly feeling the pressure. Aside from a shared dislike of repeating our itinerary 3-4 times a day for the various people that ask, Mark and I also seem to have developed an air of smugness about us that is most probably sickening to others. Sure, we’re feeling slightly wistful about leaving some amazing friends and 2 great jobs behind, but we’re even more excited about whatever’s coming next, and there’s no doubt it’s showing.

Work is becoming interesting. What’s that? You have a disastrous problem you want me to fix, and what? Ohhhh, you won’t be here to talk to me about it until April? So sorry dear, not my problem. I’ll be handing *that* over to my wonderful (and incredibly talented) successor, who’ll no doubt handle any problems with a graciousness I couldn’t quite achieve, being the cynic that I am. Knowing you’re leaving a job definitely has its perks.

It has also come back to bite me in the arse a couple of times. ‘Hi Chloe, there’s this great job opportunity coming up in the uni, and I think you should apply for it.’ What’s that now? It’s 2 levels above me?! Aw, crap. ‘Hi Chloe, we’d really like to use part of the budget to send you to <insert awesome overseas conference> this year.’ Awwwww, craaaaap!

Still, I really can’t complain. Visitng Canada, the USA, Iceland and the UK is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time now, and I’m extremely fortunate that Mark is open-minded and adventurous enough to want to come along for the ride. Or maybe he’s just wary that I might meet a handsome stranger with an accent, and never return. Either way, I’m excited to have someone to furiously poke when I see something awesome (although, knowing how Mark’s and my definition of ‘awesome’ differs, he’ll probably be rolling his eyes at yet another Twilight filming location, while I wail about boredom in yet another cafe).

This should be interesting.




One response

12 03 2010
Team McSlade

Wonderful, it’s great to see that the others share our disdain (that may be too harsh – displeasure perhaps) for recanting one’s travel steps to numerous others.
I think ‘should be interesting’ shall be the understatement of the week, it’ll be great, fantastic and sh*t hot. Just think of when you may or may not return to Adelaide and you can bore others silly with your ‘you-should-have-been-there’ stories.
Best of it for the countdown (and hopefully we’ll see you here in Spain)
Love, Ryan, Jo and the small people

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